With a stylish vision, time-independent, the interior body is only 80 cm wide. can be installed in a fairly limited space. With its low power consumption, AP AP series indoor units are ideal for air conditioning in large rooms. The indoor units fit harmoniously into the interior of the room due to their size. Extremely quiet mode of operation makes the bodies of this series almost unobtrusive.

Environmental Care - In combination with innovative technologies, the new AP inverter air conditioners also use a new refrigerant - Difluoromethane or R-32. Compared to the widely used R-410A, the R-32 reduces the environmental impact by 68% as measured by Global Warming Potential (GWP), and provides more efficiency for each air conditioner in the series.

High efficiency of the whole range, both for cooling - energy class A +++, and for heating - class A ++

 Weekly Timer - The weekly timer of the Mitsubishi Electric inverter air conditioner from the SF series enables you to easily set the desired temperature and time of switching the air conditioner on and off in accordance with your lifestyle.


Air purification - Air ionization filter with silver ionization. The high performance filter is standardly applied to the AP series. It catches bacteria, pollen and other allergens in the air and neutralizes them.


Econo Cool is an intelligent temperature control function that regulates the amount of airflow directed to the body based on the exhaust air temperature. The temperature setting can be increased by 2 degrees without any loss of comfort, thus increasing energy efficiency by 20%.




Minimum noise for maximum comfort - The quality of our surroundings also depends on the noise levels we are exposed to. AP series air conditioners provide better sound comfort by reducing background noise. The generated noise from the indoor unit is only 19db.
Air conditioners
Charge Load Output (Min / Nom / Max): 1.4 / 5.0 / 5.4 kW
Deferred heating power (Min./Num./Max): 1.4 / 5.8 / 7.3 kW
Consumed cooling power (Min./Num./Max): - / 1.55 / - kW
Consumed heating power (Min./Num./Max): - / 1.6 / - kW
EER (cooling coefficient of cooling): 3.23
SEER (Seasonal Coefficient of Cooling): 7.4
COP (Transmission Heating Coefficient): 3.63
SCOP (seasonal heat transfer coefficient): 4.7
Annual Power Consumption (Cooling / Heating): 236 / 1250 kWh
Energy class of cooling / heating: A++ / A++
Cooling operating temperature: -10 ~ 46 °C
Heating operating temperature: -15 ~ 24 °C
Suitable for premises up to: 36 кв. м
Warranty: 36 месеца
Refrigerant: R-32
Indoor body
Размери: 299 x 798 x 219 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight: 10.5 кг
Cooling noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 40 / 36 / 33 / 28 dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 43 / 38 / 33 / 28 dB
Outdoor body
Compressor: Mitsubishi
Dimensions outdoor unit: 714 x 800 x 285 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight outdoor unit: 40 кг
Cooling Noise Level (High / Nom / Low / Silent) Outdoor: 52 dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom. / Low / Silent) External: 52 dB
Origin Thailand
Power supply voltage (V) 1~/50/220-240

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Inverter air conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP50VG / MUZ-AP50VG, R32, 18000BTU, Клас А++

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