• Inverter air conditioner Nippon KFR 24DC ION

Inverter air conditioner Nippon KFR 24DC ION from the Nippon inverter air conditioner product range boasts innovative technology, stylish design, quiet operation and high efficiency.

Nippon KFR 24DC ION inverter air conditioners use the latest R32 refrigerant and

meet the requirements of F-GAS to reduce global warming. Freon R32 reduces the harmful

impact on the environment and provides higher efficiency of each air conditioner in the series.

Healthy Environment Ionizer - The Nippon Nippon KFR 24DC ION inverter air conditioning series is equipped with an ionizer that degrades the dirt, generating negative ions. Negative ions increase respiratory capacity, stimulate cardiovascular and circulatory function, and reduce fatigue. Rich in negative ions is the air around the waterfalls, the mountain, the sea, and the one after the storm. People feel much better in places like mountains and sea because of the high concentration of negative ions. Enjoy mountain air at home.


High efficiency - Nippon inverter air conditioners are designed to meet the latest European requirements for energy efficiency and eco design. Each air conditioner in this series is characterized by a high seasonal energy conversion factor in cooling and heating mode.

Intelligent Control - The Nippon Inverter Air Compressor is powered by the latest generation of 180-sine pulse technology, which has many advantages as a more efficient, reliable and quiet operation than a 120-square-mile impulse.


Comfort in the furthest corner of the room -

With the optimized indoor unit fan of all the air conditioners in this series, the airflow reaches farther and provides comfort in every corner of the room.

Low-temperature heating - The Nippon inverter air conditioner will provide you with comfort during the cold winter days. Their compressors are designed to run even at low outdoor temperatures to provide reliable heating for your home.

The Nippon KFR 24DC ION inverter air conditioner can be controlled remotely via a

wi-fi controller equipped with an application available for Apple and Android platforms. The Wi-fi

controller is not part of the standard air conditioning equipment and must be purchased



Opportunity for mirror installation - The innovative hi-tech design allows installation of the pipes and the drain hose to be done on the left side of the indoor unit as well as on the right.

Multi Speed ​​Fan - The air conditioner is equipped with a high performance PG motor that runs at different speeds from low to turbo. You can select the desired airflow rate in a wide range according to your preferences.


Self-diagnosis - The air conditioner has a self-diagnosis function that monitors unusual actions or faults, and when it occurs, the system turns off automatically. At the same time, the error code of the security code will appear on the display of the indoor unit.


Smart Defrost mode - When the external heat exchanger freezes while in low ambient temperature heating mode, Nippon air conditioner will switch to "Intelligent Defrost" mode.

Independent drying - Independent drying mode takes the room moisture efficiently without reducing the temperature sensibly in cooling mode.

Sleep mode - The air conditioner will automatically increase (in cooling mode) or reduce (heating mode) the temperature by 1 degree every hour for the first two hours and will automatically shut down after 5 hours. Sleep mode helps keep your temperature comfortable and reduce your electricity consumption.

Timer - Nippon air conditioners can be set to automatically switch on or off at any time of the day.


Super quiet operating mode - The air conditioner has optimized airflow technology and is equipped with a large diameter turbine and a highly efficient PG motor. All this allows the indoor unit to better distribute the air and the air flow to a noise of less than 21 decibels, which provides a comfortable and relaxed sleeping environment.


Innovative airflow valve - The innovative design of the airflow valve will improve the atmosphere in your home. Nippon offers a unique design of the ventilation valves, thanks to which you will experience the comfort of a precisely balanced atmosphere all the time.

Low ambient temperature operation (in warming mode) - The unique design of the external heat exchanger as well as the innovative compressor allow comfortable heating at outdoor temperatures up to -15C.

Anti-cold air (warm-up mode only) - When you start the air conditioner in warm-up mode, the indoor unit automatically starts operating from the lowest speed to the set level. This feature prevents cold airflow from entering the start of the operating mode, which may cause discomfort.


DC Inverter 180 Sine Wave - Compared to 120 Square Wave DC technology, the new 180 Sine Wave used in Nippon air conditioners has the following advantages: 1. A much wider range of frequency and voltage; 2. Higher energy efficiency; 3. Seamless operation and low noise; 4. Reliability and smooth operation.


Standby mode 0.5W - Thanks to the innovative microprocessor technology, the standby mode at 0.5W allows Nippon branded products to reduce power consumption from 4-5W to 0.5W compared to traditional standby air conditioners.

Improved Heat Exchange Process - With an indoor unit using advanced heat transfer technology, the cooling effect will be improved by accelerating the flow of condensed water between the lamellae. With the outdoor unit, the technology improves the efficiency of warming by speeding up the thawing process.
Air conditioners
Charge Load Output (Min / Nom / Max): 1.4 / 7 / 8.4 kW
Deferred heating power (Min./Num./Max): 0.9 / 7.4 / 9.8 kW
Consumed cooling power (Min./Num./Max): 0.4 / 2.16 / 2.98 kW
Consumed heating power (Min./Num./Max): 0.4 / 1.96 / 3.41 kW
SEER (Seasonal Coefficient of Cooling): 7
SCOP (seasonal heat transfer coefficient): 4.02
Annual Power Consumption (Cooling / Heating): 390 / 1960 kWh
Energy class of cooling / heating: А++ / А+
Cooling operating temperature: 14 ~ 43 °C
Heating operating temperature: -15 ~ 30 °C
Suitable for premises up to: 45 кв. м
Warranty: 24 months
Refrigerant: R32
Indoor body
Weight: 15 кг
Cooling noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 57 / - / - / - dB
Outdoor body
Weight outdoor unit: 45 кг
Heating noise level (High / Nom. / Low / Silent) External: 57 / - / - / - dB
Built-in Wi-Fi Module: Yes
Origin China
Cooling Capacity: 24000 BTU/h
Heating capacity: 25000 BTU/h
Power supply (Phase / Frequency / Voltage): 1~/50/220-240

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Inverter air conditioner Nippon KFR 24DC ION

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