Gree inverter air conditioners of the GEH Series ensure a uniform temperature throughout all seasons, excluding the "cold feet"


Effective thawing - the air conditioner goes into Defrost mode only when it is really needed. This reduces energy consumption and contributes to user comfort. Standard air conditioning systems go into Defrost Mode within 1 hour.

Self-cleaning - after the air conditioner is switched off in cooling mode, the indoor unit fan continues to run for some time. This prevents the accumulation of moisture in the heat exchanger and the formation of mold and mold in the air conditioner.

Heating at -20 ° C - The air conditioner heats even at extremely low outdoor temperatures. The compressor and the drainage pan of the outdoor unit are equipped with an electric heater.

Economy mode - The air conditioner maintains a temperature that allows you to achieve high electricity savings.

Energy Efficiency - Energy Efficiency in Cooling Mode - A ++ and Heating Mode - A +.


Timer - The timer allows you to set the time for turning the air conditioner on and off for 24 hours.


Night mode - to ensure a pleasant and healthy sleep in Cool mode after 1 hour, the temperature starts to rise and in heating mode to decrease.


Auto restart - In the event of an emergency power failure, the air conditioner automatically recovers the last settings and starts up independently when energizing.



Compressor G10 - Compressors G10 are the latest technology of Gree. They are distinguished by quieter operation, higher performance, high speed microprocessor and smooth operation even at very high loads.


Sensor I Feel - The sensor in the remote helps the air conditioner direct the airflow to it. This way the air jet is guided by the location of the remote in the room.

Self-diagnosis - If an unusual situation arises during the operation of the air conditioner, self-diagnosis systems are automatically activated and the air conditioner switched off to protect it from more serious damage. An error code is displayed to diagnose the problem and remove it from a specialist.

Air conditioners
Charge Load Output (Min / Nom / Max): 0.45 / 2.6 / 3.2 kW
Deferred heating power (Min./Num./Max): 0.45 / 2.75 / 3.75 kW
Consumed cooling power (Min./Num./Max): 0.2 / 0.72 / 1.2 kW
Consumed heating power (Min./Num./Max): 0.2 / 0.72 / 1.55 kW
EER (cooling coefficient of cooling): 3.61
SEER (Seasonal Coefficient of Cooling): 6.1
COP (Transmission Heating Coefficient): 3.82
SCOP (seasonal heat transfer coefficient): 4
Energy class of cooling / heating: A++ / A +
Cooling operating temperature: 18 ~ 43 °C
Heating operating temperature: -20 ~ 24 °C
Suitable for premises up to: 17 кв. м
Warranty: 36 месеца
Refrigerant: R32
Indoor body
Размери: 700 x 600 x 215 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight: 15 кг
Cooling noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 38 / 33 / 26 / 24 dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 48 / 43 / 36 / 34 dB
Outdoor body
Dimensions outdoor unit: 776 x 540 x 320 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight outdoor unit: 31 кг
Cooling Noise Level (High / Nom / Low / Silent) Outdoor: 50 / - / - / - dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom. / Low / Silent) External: 61 / - / - / - dB
Built-in Wi-Fi Module: Yes
Origin China
Power supply (Phase / Frequency / Voltage): 1~/50/220-240

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Inverter air conditioner Gree GEH09AA-K6DNA1F - Floor type, 9000BTU, Клас А++, WiFi

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