Gree's new inverter column air conditioner is not only with an attractive round design but also with remarkable features. Designed to operate under extreme outdoor conditions: up to -30 ° C in heating mode and up to + 54 ° C in cooling mode. The model has an integrated Wi Fi management module from anywhere in the world.


Double Rotary Compressor G10 - The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is equipped with a high-quality two-stage compressor and a two-line heat exchanger - a guarantee for trouble-free operation in the winter.


Sensor I Feel - The sensor in the remote helps the air conditioner direct the airflow to it. In this way the air jet is guided by the location of the remote in the room.


Timer - Gree air conditioners can be set to automatically turn on or off at any time of the day.


Automatic Restart - The Auto Restart feature allows the air conditioner to be switched on with the latest settings after a sudden shutdown and subsequent resumption of the power supply.


Self-diagnosis - The air conditioner has a self-diagnosis feature that monitors unusual actions or errors, and when they occur, the system turns off automatically. At the same time, the error code of the security code will be displayed on the indoor unit display.


3D airflow - The Gree air conditioner series allows you to adjust the airflow both vertically and horizontally. This, coupled with a powerful airflow of up to 15 meters, provides air conditioning at every point in the room without disturbing the comfort of the occupants.


Intelligent Defrosting - When the external heat exchanger freezes while in low ambient temperature heating mode, Gree air conditioner will switch to "Smart Defrost"


Automatic control - Depending on the ambient temperature, the air conditioner selects 5 modes of operation.


Air filter - The air filter removes dust particles in the air, ensuring constant fresh air in the room. This function is extremely important because it maintains a fresh and healthy atmosphere in the air conditioned rooms.


Multi-speed fan - The air conditioner is equipped with a high performance PG engine that runs at different speeds, seven in number - from low to turbo. You can select the desired airflow rate in a wide range according to your preferences.


Dehumidification - The dehumidification mode takes the room moisture efficiently without reducing the temperature sensibly in the cooling mode.


Touchscreen display - The Gree air conditioners are equipped with a touchscreen display on the indoor unit. It allows, without using a remote control, basic commands such as: on / off, temperature control with operating air conditioner, operating mode and choice of output and air flow.


Turbo Mode - With its powerful indoor unit fan, each model of the Gree air conditioner range has the ability to cool or warm a large volume of air for a short time with low noise.


Energy Efficiency - Enhanced heat exchangers optimize refrigerant flow in the most common operating conditions and report significantly better performance with nominal performance. In addition, Gree's column air conditioner has an advanced compressor that improves energy efficiency, which reduces electricity costs.


Special operating modes - winter and night mode.

Inverter technology - Inverter technology allows each air conditioner to adjust its output power for heating or cooling according to the room temperature. The set room temperature is reached quickly, and each inverter air conditioner keeps it constant at high energy efficiency levels and reduced power consumption.


Automatically direct vertical airflow



Air conditioners
Charge Load Output (Min / Nom / Max): 1.5 / 7.2 / 8.8 kW
Deferred heating power (Min./Num./Max): 1.0 / 9.5 / 10.2 kW
Consumed cooling power (Min./Num./Max): 0.34 / 2.1 / 3.25 kW
Consumed heating power (Min./Num./Max): 0.27 / 3.0 / 4.0 kW
EER (cooling coefficient of cooling): 3.36
SEER (Seasonal Coefficient of Cooling): 6.1
COP (Transmission Heating Coefficient): 3.1
SCOP (seasonal heat transfer coefficient): 4
Energy class of cooling / heating: A++ / A+
Cooling operating temperature: -18 ~ +54 °C
Heating operating temperature: -30 ~ +24 °C
Suitable for premises up to: 60 кв. м
Warranty: 24 месеца
Refrigerant: R-410A
Indoor body
Размери: 1844 x 395 x 462 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight: 46 кг
Cooling noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 45 / 40 / 35 / 30 dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 45 / 40 / 35 / 30 dB
Outdoor body
Dimensions outdoor unit: 790 x 1000 x 427 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight outdoor unit: 63 кг
Cooling Noise Level (High / Nom / Low / Silent) Outdoor: < 58 dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom. / Low / Silent) External: < 58 dB
Origin China
Cooling Capacity: 24000 BTU/h
Heating capacity: 24000 BTU/h
Power supply (Phase / Frequency / Voltage): 1~/50/220-240

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Column air conditioner Gree GVH24AK / K3DNC8A, 24000 BTU, Клас A++

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