• Solar collector for hot water Total Clima SFA 160 LUX

Total Clima solar systems are manufactured under the strict control of the quality of the materials used and the whole production cycle. By in this way we guarantee our customers a product with the best performance on the market and trouble-free long-term operation. All our products are equipped with a European quality certificate.

Thermosyphon solar collectors - We offer you a product of exceptional quality, made to order with the most high-tech production machines meeting the strictest European requirements. The models of this group of solar collectors for hot water of Total Clima are based on a highly efficient method for direct heating of water from the sun by heat exchange. The system works through a new generation of vacuum tubes called Tree Target, covered with a highly efficient three-layer coating that absorbs 98% of the three spectra of sunlight.The solar systems of this series do not require an additional pump and pipes for the circulation of water between the solar collector and the solar water heater. For the normal functioning of the solar hot water system and ensuring sufficient hot water pressure in the mixer, it is necessary to have a displacement of more than 3 meters between it and the water tank. The pressure depends on the resistance of the pipes and their size / we recommend wider for hot water /, as well as on the type of mixers that will be used and the individual needs.

Vacuum tubes - highest efficiency thanks to Tree Target technology - Heating tubes for solar collectors Total Clima are three-layer open vacuum tubes that absorb 98% of the three spectra of sunlight, converting solar energy into heat, resulting in cold water in vacuum tubes is heated. When the water in the pipes heats up, the density of the hot water will decrease and it rises to the top of the water tank or the so-called boiler.Meanwhile, the cold water shifts down the pipe due to its higher density. The hot water will circulate continuously until its temperature equals that of the water in the vacuum tube. The vacuum tubes of solar collectors for hot water have a minimum of 15 years of efficiency and withstand hail with the size of ice cubes up to 25 mm.

Expansion tank - For Total Clima solar systems without pressure, the filling with water is provided by means of an auxiliary stainless steel expansion tank mounted on the water tank. It also serves to accept the additional volume of water obtained as a result of thermal expansion. The operating temperature range is from 0C to 100C. Also the amount of water can be adjusted by solenoid valve / / included in the set of computer control /, through which the inflow of cold water to the water tank is normally closed, which allows complete draining of the water heated in the water tank without its dilution. The valve can be opened manually by pressing a control button, as well as opened at a programmed time.

Water tank - The water tank or the so-called boiler of high quality solar collectors for hot water from Total Clima is made of high quality stainless steel for food needs with a thickness of 0.5 mm, its outer part is also polished stainless steel providing resistance to external conditions. To ensure efficient storage of hot water for a long period of time, the water tank is equipped with a special layer of 55 mm polyurethane foam, which has exceptional insulating properties. The different models of solar water heaters vary with a capacity of 120 to 300 liters. In these models, the solar collector and the water tank are connected in one unit.

Computer control - To achieve maximum comfort and convenience when using solar systems, computer control is included, which allows complete control over your solar system. One of the many advantages is the solenoid valve connected to the control. It prevents the direct entry of cold water into the water tank, thus ensuring the complete drainage of water from it without diluting it with the incoming cold water. Through it you can monitor and regulate the water level and temperature. Thanks to the computer control, you have the ability to turn on and off the auxiliary heater in different time ranges or when the water temperature drops below a certain value. In this way you can provide hot water at any time, regardless of weather conditions.

Heater - The set also includes an electric heater 1500 W with built-in thermal protection, in case of cloudy weather it is necessary to reheat the water in the solar water heater.

Stainless steel stand - The stainless steel structure of Total Clima solar hot water collectors is suitable for installation on a flat horizontal roof, providing a slope of the pipes of 45 degrees. Extremely easy to assemble and install. Stainless steel practically does not age, which guarantees extremely long service life in harsh climatic conditions

Solar systems
Type of solar system: Non-pressurized (open)
Stand: Stainless steel
Expansion vessel: Yes
Insulation of water tank: 55 mm polyurethane foam
Water container
Type: Stainless steel
Boiler volume: 160l.
Maintains water temperature up to: 72 hours
Sealing silicone rings: Yes
Magnesium anode against solid water: No
Vacuum tubes
Number of vacuum tubes: 15
Technology / Material Vacuum Pipes: Borosilicate glass 3.3 Tree Target technology
Vacuum Pipe Size: 1800 x 58 мм
Absorbent surface: Al-N/Al
Electric heater: Yes
Computer Management: Yes
Origin : China

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Solar collector for hot water Total Clima SFA 160 LUX

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