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Prices of air conditioners - installation and service

 Prices for installation of air conditioners

Standard installation: BGN 240

The standard installation cost includes the following materials:

• Copper tube for low and high pressure: up to 3 m;

• Thermal insulation: up to 3 m;

• Drainage hose: up to 4 m;

• Communication cable 3 x 2.5: up to 4 m;

• Power cable SWRC 3 x 1.5: up to 5 m;

• Isoliband;

• Banding band;

• Plug;

• Outdoor unit stand - white, standard, powder-coated;

• Fasteners - dowels, cable ties, bolts and outer case washers.

Additional activities and services for the installation of air conditioners

• Additional pipe, after the third meter (pipes, insulation, cables, drainage, work) - 50 BGN / meter;

• Materials above the standard sizes: power cable for air conditioner - CHVS 3x1,5 - 5,0 BGN / meter, drainage hose - 5,0 BGN / meter;

• Transport costs: 1.2 BGN / km in both directions (not subject to warranty service and depend on fuel price);

• Installation of anti-vibration tampons - BGN 55 (broken connection); BGN 20 (continuous connection);

• Installation of drainage tray (optional) - 80 BGN (includes materials and work);

• Carrying of tools, materials, indoor and outdoor body at a non-working elevator - BGN 8.0 / floor;

• Digging of power cable in тон and brick - BGN 7 / m;

• Digging a power cable into concrete and reinforced concrete - 8 lv / meter (not recommended);

• Laying of a power cable in a PVC channel (optional) -10 BGN / meter (including materials and work);

• Laying a pipe path in a PVC channel (optional) - 10 BGN / meter (including materials and work);

• Drilling an additional hole f35-ф40 mm (up to 45 cm in length) in brick, concrete and more. - BGN 40;

• Refrigerant R410A charging with a long pipe (includes refrigerant R410A and operation) - 30 lv / 100 g;

• Digging of piping in aerated concrete (Ytong) - 30 lv / meter;

• Trenching of a pipe in brick - BGN 45 / m;

• Digging of a pipe in concrete - 50 lv / m (not recommended);

• Digging of a tube in reinforced concrete - 70 lv / m (not recommended);

• Incorrect call of a technical group without air conditioner failure - BGN 30;

• Dismantling the indoor unit - 70 BGN (includes disassembly work);

• Dismantling of outdoor unit - 70 BGN (includes dismantling work);

• Dismantling of air conditioning system (indoor and outdoor unit) - 90 BGN;

• Installation of two stages - first - installation of a pipe path and second - after time installation of indoor and outdoor unit (for 1 air conditioner) - additional 70 BGN;

• Dismantling and mounting (moving) the indoor unit - BGN 130 (without using additional materials);

• Dismantling and mounting (moving) an outdoor unit - BGN 130 (without using additional materials);

• Dismantling and installation of air-conditioning system - 260 BGN (without the use of additional materials);

• Installation of an air conditioner using a scaffolding - BGN 150 additional to the price of the installation;

• If the outdoor unit is inaccessible for a standard air conditioner installation and there is no other available space or the customer expressly insists, the installation is negotiated with climbers or caravan by the price list of the service providers;

• The cost of installation, services and materials may be reduced or increased depending on the season and the market situation, the location of the air conditioner installation, the type of air conditioner itself, the amount of air conditioners for installation in one place, and changes in Purchase prices.

• All listed prices for installation, additional activities and services are VAT.

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