Daikin Sensira inverter air conditioners of the Sensira range provide you with comfort and fresh air at an attractive price. The sleek indoor unit and low noise levels are just some of its benefits.

Highly efficient air conditioning - The FTXC Series Daikin Inverter air conditioner provides cooling and heating with high seasonal energy efficiency up to class A ++. This class of performance will significantly reduce your annual electricity consumption. Daikin FTXC air conditioners provide you with a comfortable atmosphere with lower electricity consumption.

 Clean air - Each air conditioner in the series is equipped with a photocatalytic filter that captures the dust particles in the air and decomposes the unpleasant odors, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air. Enjoy fresh air in your own home.

Easy to use - The Daikin inverter air conditioner FTXC series remote control is designed specifically to provide you with easy operation with the unit and allow you to enjoy its full functionality without the possibility of mistakes and confusion.

 Value-to-Quality ratio - The most distinctive feature of all FTXC series Daikin air conditioners is the price-quality ratio. Every FTXC series air conditioner has excellent quality in its class.

 Environmental Care - Combined with innovative technologies, the new Inverter Air Conditioners Daikin Sensira FTXC also use a new refrigerant Difluoromethane or R-32. Compared to the widely used R-410A, the R-32 reduces the environmental impact by 68% as measured by global warming potential (GWP), and provides more efficiency for each air conditioner in the series.

WIFI Adapter - / Option + 75lv. /The WIFI Adapter lets you control the air conditioner from a smartphone or tablet.

You can:

to monitor the condition of your air conditioner

to control the operating mode, the temperature, speed and direction of the air flow

program temperature mode and operate up to 6 actions per day for 7 days.

Air conditioners
Charge Load Output (Min / Nom / Max): 2.3 / 7.1 / 7.3 kW
Deferred heating power (Min./Num./Max): 2.3 / 8.0 / 9.0 kW
Consumed cooling power (Min./Num./Max): 0.44 / 2.38 / 2.54 kW
Consumed heating power (Min./Num./Max): 0.5 / 2.46 / 2.74 kW
EER (cooling coefficient of cooling): 2.6
SEER (Seasonal Coefficient of Cooling): 5.3
COP (Transmission Heating Coefficient): 3.15
SCOP (seasonal heat transfer coefficient): 3.81
Energy class of cooling / heating: A / A
Cooling operating temperature: -10 ~ 46 °C
Heating operating temperature: -15 ~ 18 °C
Suitable for premises up to: 55 кв. м
Warranty: 36 месеца
Refrigerant: R-32
Indoor body
Размери: 297 x 1010 x 288 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight: 13 кг
Cooling noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 46 / 42 / 38 / 30 dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom / Low / Silent): 46 / 42 / 38 / 30 dB
Outdoor body
Compressor: Hermetic swing
Dimensions outdoor unit: 695 x 930 x 350 В x Ш x Д (мм)
Weight outdoor unit: 45 кг
Cooling Noise Level (High / Nom / Low / Silent) Outdoor: 54 / - / - / - dB
Heating noise level (High / Nom. / Low / Silent) External: 54 / - / - / - dB
Power supply (Phase / Frequency / Voltage): 1~/50/220-240

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Inverter air conditioner Daikin Sensira FTXC71B / RXC71C, 24 000BTU, Class A

  • Brand: Daikin
  • Product Code: 005 Инверторен климатик Daikin Sensira FTXC71C / RXC71C
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  • 3,625.00лв.
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