Regardless of where the solar hot water systems will be installed, they will provide comfort for consumers, as this type of solar system lacks the need for displacement and can be installed in any convenient location.


The pressure in the boiler is the same as that in the water main, so the hot water circulation is done without any problems. This allows any solar system of this type to be installed in any place, consistent with the sunshine during the day. Another major advantage of Nippon's pressurized solar collectors is the use of vacuum "Heat pipe" pipes. Unlike thermosyphon systems, in the case of vacuum tube breaks in solar collectors under pressure, they continue to function fully with minimal efficiency loss.


The water tank or the so-called hot water solar collector is made of stainless steel. For maximum thermal insulation, the water tank is covered with 50 millimeters of polyurethane foam, with outstanding parameters and guaranteeing effective storage of hot water for a long time. Different models of solar water heaters range from 150 to 500 liters.


Vacuum tubes - aesthetic design and high efficiency - Heat pipe types for Nippon solar collectors are two concentric glass tubes and a vacuum between them. The surface of the inner tube is covered with a light absorbing layer, allowing maximum absorption of the sun, minimal adhesion and high efficiency. At the center of the Heat pipe there is a hollow copper tube containing a fluid that begins to bleed at 40 degrees. When the water boils, steam is generated that raises the heat up the pipe, then upon reaching the top of the pipe the heat is transferred to the water in the water tank. This method of heat exchange works in winter as it starts at a very low watering temperature and vacuum pipes can maintain a positive temperature for all the elements involved in the process. Hot water solar collector tubes have a minimum of 15 years of efficiency and withstand hail with a size of ice up to 25 mm.


Aluminum Structure - The lightweight aluminum structure of Nippon's hot water collectors is designed to be mounted on a flat horizontal roof, providing a 45 degree gradient of pipes. Extremely easy to assemble and install. Aluminum is virtually non-aging, ensuring extremely long service life under harsh climatic conditions.

Heater - A 1500W electric heater with built-in thermal protection is included in the set if it is necessary to heat the water in the solar boiler.


Computer Management - For maximum comfort and convenience, the Nippon Solar System Kit also includes a computer control unit that allows complete control of your solar system. Through it you can monitor and adjust the water level and temperature. Thanks to the computer control, you have the option of switching the auxiliary heater on or off in different time ranges or when the water temperature drops below a certain value. This way you can provide hot water at any time, regardless of weather conditions.


Safety valve - the pressure and temperature safety valve, protects the boiler from overheating and high pressure. It is a mandatory component of the installation as it ensures the prevention of severe accidents. Водосъдържателят е под налягане, а вакуумните тръби са в комбинация с термотръба Heat Pipe.


Solar systems
Type of solar system: Pressure (closed)
Stand: Aluminum
Insulation of water tank: 55 mm polyurethane foam
Water container
Type: Stainless steel
Boiler volume: 150 liters
Maintains water temperature up to: 72 hours
Magnesium anode against solid water: No
Vacuum tubes
Number of vacuum tubes: 15 pieces
Technology / Material Vacuum Pipes: Borosilicate glass 3.3, Heat pipe
Vacuum Pipe Size: 1800 x 58 мм
Absorbent surface: Al-N/Al
Electric heater: Yes - 1.5 kW
Computer Management: Yes
Safety valve 7 bars

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Solar collector pressure Nippon PS 150 LUX

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